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Acoustic Guitar Blues is such a wonderful genre of the music world. There are so many greats that have come from playing the blues on an acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is what most guitar players first learned their first chords, and first licks on.

While this website likes to tell you all about Jimmy Dillon and his famous “learn to play guitar” high quality DVD courses, we still have a passion for acoustic guitar blues.

I once sat “front row center” at a B.B. King concert, next to one of the gals that was with the band. At one point in the concert, B.B. King held out his guitar “Lucille” to me and I hit a note that he just held and held for what seemed like a full minute while the crowd went wild! I was invited backstage for B. B. King’s birthday party after the show!

national resonator guitar

This is a national resonator guitar, signed by John Lee Hooker.

Well, Jimmy Dillon is a long time friend of mine. Way back, when he first had a plan for Blue Star Music Camp in South Haven, Michigan, I happened to be the Building Inspector that had to approve his plan for the building.

He presented the plan and I am sure he could tell I was a music lover right from the start. We worked out the kinks and in fact I found many resources that we were able to use in the building process.

All through this whole process I found out just how much passion Jimmy had for teaching people, especially young people, the beauty of playing music. What transpired in the Blue Star Music Camp was truly magical for those involved!

Years later, I┬áhad an acquaintance in the Internet Marketing field that was far ahead of me in the “how to play guitar” courses sold online. I introduced him to Jimmy Dillon and the rest is marketing history! Jimmy became the #1 best seller with his very first release, Soul of Acoustic Guitar.

People just “get it” when Jimmy Dillon teaches you how to play guitar.

That is why I feel it is important I get this information out there to young budding guitarist all the way up to seasoned veterans. I mean Jimmy has played with some incredible guitarist and is considered the best studio musician in the San Francisco area.

I have witnessed some of the most incredible magical music moments when Jimmy plays live. One of the most memorable was when his buddy Chuck Leavell, the keyboardist for the Rolling Stones came to town and created Jimmy Dillon and the Howlers. They put on a 2-1/2 hour show that featured Chuck on keyboards, a great blues singer, one of the best sax players, incredible harmonica, and of course Jimmy on guitar. Forever etched in my brain!

So check out what we have to offer on this website. It all has a 1 year money-back guaranty – that is how good these courses are and have been received.

Thanks for your time and I hope you choose to check out our products.

(Jimmy Dillon’s friend in South Haven)

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