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Jimmy Dillon and Acoustic Guitar Blues

Acoustic Guitar Blues – Learn to Play Easily!

Jimmy Dillon says, “Get this Acoustic Guitar Blues Course on DVD and learn to play in the comfort of your own home”. Learn quickly with the easy “show me how” DVD lessons!

acoustic guitar blues


Jimmy Dillon just released “The Ultimate Blues Song Collection” DVD set. Jimmy picked 50 incredible blues songs and teaches you how to play them, all in the comfort of your home!

More information hereUltimate Blues Song Collection

Ultimate Acoustic Blues

One guitarist, Jimmy Dillon has a passion for acoustic guitar blues and he performs and teaches this to thousands of blues guitar players and fans.

I met Jimmy Dillon when he started The Blue Star Music Camp in South Haven, Michigan. I was the local Building Inspector at the time he came in with his building plans. I immediately became a fan of the plan and Jimmy Dillon.

Jimmy Dillon just has a powerful passion for teaching “how to play guitar” to young people, or anyone who has a passion for music. I have seen kids, kids who have never played guitar before, get up on stage with Jimmy on graduation day from Blue Star Music Camp and just jam away with huge smile on their face!

Sitting in the audience, there were tears of joy and pride on the faces of the parents of these kids! Every graduation was similar, happy kids, happy parents, and new found musical skills. By far, Jimmy is the best guitar teacher I know.

Jimmy Dillon

Well Jimmy Dillon can teach you too! Jimmy has some incredible “how to play acoustic guitar blues” DVD’s that are high quality, easy to follow lessons that you can learn from in your own home.

Here are some of the titles and links to his awesome, learn guitar, DVD programs.


Jimmy Dillon has played with Santana, Sting, Bruce, Eric Clapton, and even recorded a duet with John Lee Hooker! He has the chops!

PS. Update. Jimmy Dillon is going to be playing on stage with Carlos Santana, Carlos’s wife Cindy, and Tracy Blackman in June at the Sweetwater Theatre in Mill Valley, CA. Tickets sold out in 34 minutes!

Robin Williams (RIP) and Dana Carvey played with Jimmy on stage as a benefit fund raiser for Blue Star Music Camp in San Francisco! Jimmy Dillon even won the Mill Valley Entertainer of the Year award for his incredible shows and all he does for the community.

So, if you love the blues, play a guitar, you will want to investigate these blues guitar DVD’s that Jimmy has created. After you go through even just one DVD, your friends will be amazed at just how your skills and playing have evolved!

Try one or more of Jimmy Dillon’s Guitar DVD courses, they are money back guaranteed for 1 year! I mean who offers that kind of money back offer? That is how good of quality these are. You are going to get far more skills than any amount of money you invest. And your well honed skill is something that lasts a lifetime!

acoustic guitar blues
Jimmy Dillon

Want to play acoustic guitar blues better, learn some really cool licks, techniques and style? Then be sure to check out Jimmy Dillon’s DVD courses. You will be pleasantly amazed!

Hope to hear you soon,

(Jimmy’s friend in South Haven)

PS. Check out Jimmy’s product page: http://acousticguitarblues.com/jimmy-dillon-dvd-courses/

PPS. Take a look at “The Ultimate Blues Song Collection” Jimmy Dillon’s latest and greatest guitar DVD set!

Jimmy Dillon
A young Jimmy Dillon, Jon Bon Jovi, and Clarence Clemmons, 1994


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